About us

At cocon commerz PRIVATSACHEN we don’t make fashion, we make clothes. And we have done so for 30 years now.

For 30 years we have consistently been relying on natural fabrics and environmentally and ethically sustainable production channels. We are pioneers of the textile industry.

The central theme of our work lies in the deceleration of fashion, the cultural values of fashion and our responsibilities in this respect. True to our motto – everything remains different – we keep reinventing ourselves.

Connyie Rethmann – clothes author

My life is my clothes lab, and I am my own experiment. Scepticism is my strongest muscle and inspires me every day. Trust is the textile key. Something good will come of every attempt, even it is just a new experience. The aim of the day is to keep scrutinising my work and to turn apparent weaknesses into advantages. My clothes are a metaphor for my biography.

As a clothes author, details are essential. They are everything I need to know and always find me some way or other. Every day, I passionately and actively look for new knowledge of all kinds, from which I then draw inspiration. I write clothes, I cook clothes, I compose clothes. Poetry, traditional handicrafts, cultural influences of all kinds, my childhood memories of clothes, ancient techniques and my unconditional confidence transform what I have seen and heard into something palpable. I feel very privileged to be able to do what I love every day, to do what I love most in all the world and that my clothes tell of this love. I don’t make fashion. I make high culture clothes for women who don’t want to allow themselves to go cheap.